Attention Parents of Troop 343! Want to be a Merit Badge Counselor?

If you have ever wondered about an essential way to help out the scouts of Troop 343, but don’t have the time or schedule to plan/attend/drive on outings, how about becoming a MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR? It is easy to do and all you need is to have some type of experience or training in the general knowledge area(s) covered by the specific merit badge book. There are three ways to be eligible for merit badge counseling:

• Be familiar with subject through your Vocation (past or present career or job)
• Be familiar with subject through an Avocation (hobby or special interest/experience)
• Be familiar with subject through Training (formal/informal/seminar or similar)
One of the above AND
• Complete BSA Youth Protection Training (required for most other things anyway)

Volunteering is easy and there are only a couple of forms to fill out if interested. You can find a complete list of available merit badges at or many more places online or scout shop. I am trying to get the list of MB Counselors updated for the Troop and it will be posted on the website. I will make myself available at the next couple of Troop meetings with the forms, and can answer any questions you may have about this opportunity at that time.

Mike Haider
(256) 527-8546
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