I'm pleased to announce that Karl Wegler passed his Star Board of Review last week. Congratulations Kalr!

BORs schedule for April:
April 14:
Garret McClelland - Second Class
Jose Arriaga - First Class

I will not be available to conduct any BORs on Monday April 28.

We've had some great outings this spring and you will see a fair amount of animal activity in the woods this time of the year. If you are out camping, make sure your food is secured in a car or trailer or hung in a tree. Raccoons are as brazen as ever and mice are everywhere.

Please also be aware that snakes and ticks are out. I saw this timber rattlesnake yesterday at the Beech Camp Primitive Site at Cathedral Caverns. Timber rattlesnakes tend to avoid confrontation with humans; in most cases they'll remain motionless or flee if possible when encountered, which is why I got a good picture of this guy. I got home this morning, a tick check revealed none on me, but some in my clothes. Be aware and Be Prepared!

Mr Allen