Hello Scouts and Scouters of Troop 343

It is my honor and pleasure to announce we have two new Life Scouts in our troop. Congratulations to Ben Keel who completed his Life BOR on July 14 and to Michael Pursley who completed his Life BOR July 21. My thanks to Karen Parker, Norman Bircher and Andy Loftin for their assistance as board members.

Please note that I will not be available for BORs next Monday July 28. That leaves us approximately 5 Monday evenings to conduct Boards of Review for those of you who wish to advance in rank prior to the September Court of Honor.

To schedule a BOR, you need to request one for the appropriate rank from the troop website http://www.troop343.us

In order to access the BOR request page, you need to log into the troop website. The login is located at the lower LH corner of the home page. The username and password come out in the weekly troop newsletter.

After logging in you will see the menu bar at the top of the page includes a selection for Board of Review Requests. Select the appropriate rank, complete the form, and submit it. That will notify me and the committee of your request and I will get you scheduled.

Mr Allen