Congratulations to our newly elected leaders of Troop 343. My personal hats off to 15 young men of tomorrow who decided to "get in the game" and be part of the troop's leadership structure. They will be installed into office at our Fall Court of Honor on next Monday evening, 15-Sept. The boys working on the Cooking MB will be serving an array of 1-pot meals starting at 6:30pm, with the formal CoH starting at 7pm.

SPL: Ben Keel
ASPL: Isaac Keel
ASPL: Somil Joshi
Troop Guides: Michael Pursley, Jackson Loftin
Den Chiefs: Zach Council, Andrew Carlton, Karl Wegler
Scribe: Matthew Kennedy
OA Rep: Connor Allen
Librarian: Jose Arriaga
Historian: Matthew Garrison
Cobra PL: Brian Jones
Pinetree PL: Zach Council
Scorpion PL: Josiah Sowell
Indian PL: Jason Sowell

We will hold Leadership Skills Training those elected leaders on Sun, 14-Sept, 12-4pm at our local Lowe's. Congrats to all!

Josh Kennedy
Scoutmaster, Troop 343