To all Scouts and Scouters of Troop 343:

It is my pleasure and honor to announce that Michael Lindner has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle BOR met last night to review his application, Eagle project and to interview Michael. We were all impressed by his upstanding character, leadership abilities and particularly his mental toughness.

My thanks to Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Keel, Mr. McClelland, Mr. Fugit and Mr. Ludwig for investing their time and talent in the BOR process.

Please join me in congratulating Michael on a job well done.

Mr Allen

With many of our scouts graduating from high school and preparing to head to college, many of our families may wish to unsubscribe from the troop email lists. You have a couple of options.

The first is contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request removal. This is the slowest option since it relies on somebody having the chance to check email and then login to the mailing list administrative interface and unsubscribing your address.

There are two fast options that you can do yourself.

The first is every message to one of the mailing lists contains a link to the mailing list webpage at the bottom of the message. Near the bottom of that page there is a chance for you to submit your email address to be unsubscribed. The system will then send you an email with a link to confirm you want to unsubscribe. (This is to keep trouble makers from unsubscribing others.)

The second is the monthly emails the system sends you with the mailing list information to include your personal password into your preferences page. Click that link, login and there you can unsubscribe from the list.

I'm pleased to announce that Karl Wegler passed his Star Board of Review last week. Congratulations Kalr!

BORs schedule for April:
April 14:
Garret McClelland - Second Class
Jose Arriaga - First Class

I will not be available to conduct any BORs on Monday April 28.

We've had some great outings this spring and you will see a fair amount of animal activity in the woods this time of the year. If you are out camping, make sure your food is secured in a car or trailer or hung in a tree. Raccoons are as brazen as ever and mice are everywhere.

Please also be aware that snakes and ticks are out. I saw this timber rattlesnake yesterday at the Beech Camp Primitive Site at Cathedral Caverns. Timber rattlesnakes tend to avoid confrontation with humans; in most cases they'll remain motionless or flee if possible when encountered, which is why I got a good picture of this guy. I got home this morning, a tick check revealed none on me, but some in my clothes. Be aware and Be Prepared!

Mr Allen

Troop 343 Parents and Scouts:

In a thrilling democratic process involving multiple ballots, tie-breakers, and even an attempted write-in candidate, once again our young men have displayed the democratic process in action. Here are the election results:

SPL: Ryan Phillips
ASPL: Josiah Sowell
ASPL: Michael Pursley
Troop Guide (Panthers): Matthew Kennedy
Troop Guide (Special Projects): Somil Joshi

Scorpion PL: Connor Allen
Indian PL: Drew Freeman
Pinetree PL: TBD
Cobra PL: Karl Wegler

Chaplain's Aide: Jose Arriaga
Librarian: Jonah Weinberger
Scribe: Isaac Keel
QM: Ben Keel
Historian: Jason Sowell
OA Rep: Jackson Loftin

The slate is a win-win for sure.New leaders will be installed at next week's Fall Court of Honor (Mon, 10 March, 7pm). Please join us to see our young men being recognized for 6 months of effort and activities.

Josh Kennedy

This is an overdue report to announce 3 rank advancements that occurred on October 28th - Somil Joshi earned Star, Luke Haider earned Life, and Hayes Ludwig earned his 3rd Bronze Eagle Palm. Somil and Luke did great with their review boards and demonstrated their readiness to take on the challenges of the higher ranks and Hayes continues to impress with his 7th Eagle Palm. Congratulations, Somil, Luke, and Hayes, way to go!

Rob Cook
Troop 343 Advancement Chairman