All -- our 20mi hike at Monte Sano is fast approaching. Below is the participants I am currently tracking; you MUST let me know in advance if you planning to be there, as we need to plan for logistics:

Ryan Phillips
Scotty Pacello
Matthew Kennedy
Jose Arriaga
Ben Keel
Isaac Keel
Connor Allen
Drew Crisp
Joey Connor

Josh Kennedy
Jeff Seale
Scott Pacello
Brian Godard
Jose Arriaga (Sr)
Philip Crisp
Dan Connor
Bert Allen

This is a link to our route. While the software may only say 19.14mi, that is an undershoot for the site cannot account for the many twists and turns of the trail.

All participants will meet at the Hiker's Parking Lot in Monte Sano State Park, 6am on Saturday morning. There is an entrance fee to Monte Sano, typically $2-3 per person on weekends, carry cash to pay the fee.

All participants have completed recent day hikes, so each person is familiar with their own equipment needs. There is no mandate to bring full backpacks; daypacks or camelbaks will be sufficient. Plan to carry some light snacks and at at least 3 liters of water. There will be aid stations provided at ~10mi (manned by Will Pursley, Mike Lyman, and Karen Parker) and ~15mi (manned by Jerry Bellamy and Will Pursley) to refill water bottles and get some light food.

Grubmaster Jim McDonald is hosting a celebratory dinner at the finish area (vic playground and CCC pavilions in Monte Sano, top of McKay Hollow Trail, first right as you enter the park. This alone could be enticement to put in some hiking miles that day!

Plenty more details to follow, stay tuned.

Josh Kennedy