I established a bookstore and library for the CARE Center in Berkley, Alabama. The bookstore offers quality books at greatly reduced prices to the clients of the CARE Center and to the Berkley Boys & Girls Club. The CARE Center's Bookstore was established to share my love of reading with the Berkley community with the hope that the establishment of such a facility would stimulate an interest of reading and learning in the area. Over 10,000 books were collected, counted, sorted, and priced by volunteers. The total number of hours worked on this project was approximately 587 man hours.  In recognition of the impact of this project on an entire community, I received the Talakto District 2006 Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award.

New Hope Elementary School made our troop aware of a need to set up a science lab in a large room that was previously used for storage.  To set up this science lab I built three large cabinets for storing science equipment and experiments.  The cabinets were built of 4’x 8’ plywood with a 2” x 2” frame.  I also installed four steel shelving units that were assembled in the adjacent storage room.  The money that I raised to fund this project exceeded the cost of the project which allowed me to make a large donation to help fund the purchase of equipment for the new lab.  I completed this project with the assistance and donations from my fellow scouts, adults and the administration of New Hope Elementary School.  My project required a total of 185 hours to complete.

Andy McWilliamsI built two wheelchair ramps for a family home near the town of Gurley, Alabama, on Keel Mountain.  The family in need have a five year old special needs daughter who is confined to a wheel chair.  The wheelchair ramps were needed in the front and rear of the house to allow her caretakers transport her to and from their home with the use of her wheelchair.

Andy McWilliamsThe ramp in the front of the house was shorter and only required a 16 inch drop in elevation.  The ramp in the rear of the home was quite a bit longer as it required a 52 inch drop in elevation.  The longer ramp in the rear required a 180 degree change in direction to comply with slope requirements and building codes.

This was a very rewarding project for me and my troop as it helped a family in need and helped make a little girl's life better.  My project required a total of 210 hours to complete.  I completed my project with the help of fellow scouts, family and friends and the assistance of the local care center.

Andy McWilliams

Jason SealeJason SealeThe Community Free Clinic of Huntsville is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care to less fortunate individuals and families of Huntsville.  On many days there is over crowding in the waiting room with no available room for people to wait to see their doctor.     The director of the clinic asked our troop to create additional outdoor seating for people to use while they wait.  I decided to build three outdoor benches, landscape existing flower beds, and add a flower bed around the entrance sign to the clinic.  These benches will provide outside seating on nice days for patients and the rehab of the flower beds will enhance the appearance of the clinic.

The benches I built are 6' x 2' and 18'' off the ground.  They are constructed of 4'' x 4'' pressure treated pine.  The benches are mounted in the ground using 4'' x 6'' pressure treated pine post mounted in 18'' of concrete.  I treated the wood with a wood sealer to make the benches last.

Jason SealeAlthough the building has been around for awhile it was in need of landscaping in many areas.  I installed a flower bed with mulch and new plants around the sign at the entrance of the clinic. I performed maintenance on several flower beds on the grounds. I weeded and added mulch to existing flower beds.  I also planted various evergreen plants and flowers where they were needed.  My project was completed with the labor and financial assistance of my fellow scouts, family, and friends, and required a total of 178 man hours to complete.

AJ LinderMadrey Park is a small area in the Hampton Cove subdivision that is unused and needed improvement. The area originally had two circular concrete picnic tables that were in need of repair. My fellow scouts and I constructed forms and poured two circular concrete pads for the picnic tables. The pads are ten feet in diameter and the tables and are now attached to the concrete for security. The tables were power washed to rehab their appearance. We then assembled a jungle gym set and installed it near the picnic area. We created a bed of wood chips around the playground to enhance safety.  We constructed a border around the playground with landscaping timbers to enhance the appearance and hold the mulch in the area. This project required a wide range of tools including shovels, AJ Linderhammers, saws, wheelbarrows, and a few power tools such as drills and circular saws to complete.  My Eagle Project required a total of 205 hours to complete.  I could not have completed my project without the help of my fellow scouts, scoutmasters, and friends.  I also received great help and financial assistance from the Hampton Cove Homeowners Association, the Hampton Cove Garden Club, and especially the corporate help of Lowe's Building Supply.

Tommy DavenportTommy DavenportMy Eagle Project was to plan and lead the construction of  three heavy duty picnic tables for the Hays Nature Preserve.  One of these three picnic tables is two feet longer on one side for people in wheelchairs.  This project benefits people who want to sit down for a nice lunch on a hot sunny day or even weary hikers needing a place to relax.  The picnic tables are very heavy duty because the Hays Nature Preserve occasionally undergoes heavy flooding from the Flint River.    This project required a total of 254 hours to complete and could not have been accomplished without the assistance of members of Troop 343, family, friends and representatives of the Hays Nature Preserve. 

Tommy Davenport

Ed JohnsonEd JohnsonMy Eagle Project was to create a permanent primitive campsite area at Cathedral Caverns State Park, in Grant, Alabama.  The campsite now provides a defined area for scout troops and other campers to set up tents and other campsite provisions.  I created 20 sites for tents, a large fire pit for troop campfires and programs, installed a flag pole, and erected a covered bulletin board and sign board for posting park rules, programs, and announcements.  I defined the campsites using cedar posts (from trees already cut down) and large rope.  The fire pit was dug one foot deep, surrounded by large granite rocks, and lined with red volcanic rock.  The total project required a total of 200 man hours to complete with donated materials and manpower provided by Troop 343.