Jason SealeJason SealeThe Community Free Clinic of Huntsville is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care to less fortunate individuals and families of Huntsville.  On many days there is over crowding in the waiting room with no available room for people to wait to see their doctor.     The director of the clinic asked our troop to create additional outdoor seating for people to use while they wait.  I decided to build three outdoor benches, landscape existing flower beds, and add a flower bed around the entrance sign to the clinic.  These benches will provide outside seating on nice days for patients and the rehab of the flower beds will enhance the appearance of the clinic.

The benches I built are 6' x 2' and 18'' off the ground.  They are constructed of 4'' x 4'' pressure treated pine.  The benches are mounted in the ground using 4'' x 6'' pressure treated pine post mounted in 18'' of concrete.  I treated the wood with a wood sealer to make the benches last.

Jason SealeAlthough the building has been around for awhile it was in need of landscaping in many areas.  I installed a flower bed with mulch and new plants around the sign at the entrance of the clinic. I performed maintenance on several flower beds on the grounds. I weeded and added mulch to existing flower beds.  I also planted various evergreen plants and flowers where they were needed.  My project was completed with the labor and financial assistance of my fellow scouts, family, and friends, and required a total of 178 man hours to complete.