AJ LinderMadrey Park is a small area in the Hampton Cove subdivision that is unused and needed improvement. The area originally had two circular concrete picnic tables that were in need of repair. My fellow scouts and I constructed forms and poured two circular concrete pads for the picnic tables. The pads are ten feet in diameter and the tables and are now attached to the concrete for security. The tables were power washed to rehab their appearance. We then assembled a jungle gym set and installed it near the picnic area. We created a bed of wood chips around the playground to enhance safety.  We constructed a border around the playground with landscaping timbers to enhance the appearance and hold the mulch in the area. This project required a wide range of tools including shovels, AJ Linderhammers, saws, wheelbarrows, and a few power tools such as drills and circular saws to complete.  My Eagle Project required a total of 205 hours to complete.  I could not have completed my project without the help of my fellow scouts, scoutmasters, and friends.  I also received great help and financial assistance from the Hampton Cove Homeowners Association, the Hampton Cove Garden Club, and especially the corporate help of Lowe's Building Supply.