Andy McWilliamsI built two wheelchair ramps for a family home near the town of Gurley, Alabama, on Keel Mountain.  The family in need have a five year old special needs daughter who is confined to a wheel chair.  The wheelchair ramps were needed in the front and rear of the house to allow her caretakers transport her to and from their home with the use of her wheelchair.

Andy McWilliamsThe ramp in the front of the house was shorter and only required a 16 inch drop in elevation.  The ramp in the rear of the home was quite a bit longer as it required a 52 inch drop in elevation.  The longer ramp in the rear required a 180 degree change in direction to comply with slope requirements and building codes.

This was a very rewarding project for me and my troop as it helped a family in need and helped make a little girl's life better.  My project required a total of 210 hours to complete.  I completed my project with the help of fellow scouts, family and friends and the assistance of the local care center.

Andy McWilliams