Curtis FischerMy project was to constuct a picnic pavilion at a remote site on Monte Sano Mountain near Burritt Museum.  This project provided many difficulties due to its remote location.  We constructed a 16'x 24' picnic pavilion  which required much planning and the use of many different construction techniques.  We learned how to set vertical poles, construct rafters and install a roof.  Curtis FischerThe entire project took a total of 220 hours of planning and labor to complete.  I was assisted by donations from friends and family and with the help of Lowes Building Supply.  The expertise of the many adults really helped move along my project and helped me complete my project.  Special "Thanks" goes out to the people at Lowes for their assistance.

Matthew LymanMatthew LymanTrinity United Methodist Church's library has a vast collection of children's books but the library is located far away from the children's area of the church.  My project involved construction of furniture for a mobile children's library.  This mobile library can be easily loaded with books from the main library and then moved near the children's wing for use.  The furniture can also be moved to an out of the way location when the space is needed for other purposes. My project included construction of a bookshelf, angle topped reading table, seats and a book return/donation box. An existing bookshelf located in the area was modified to help keep books more secure on the shelves when the furniture is moved.  My project required a total of 485 man hours to complete.  I was assisted in the completion of my project with the help of fellow scouts, adults, and members of Trinity United Methodist Church.

Matthew Lyman

Ben KingDue to the heavy bicycle traffic at Hampton Cove Middle School, the administration decided there was a need for a bike rack with a concrete pad.  My project involved the excavation of a selected area in front of the school and the installation of forms in preparation for concrete.  My fellow scouts and I built and installed the forms and spread a total of eight cubic yards of concrete for the bike rack pad.  Once the concrete had cured for several days, we installed the two bike racks and affixed the racks to the concrete for security and safety.  My project required a total of 175 hours to complete.  I completed this project with the assistance of my fellow scouts and donations from friends and family.Ben King

The Second Mile Preschool provides day care services to families who find themselves with financial difficulties.  I saw a need to help this preschool which has funding difficulties of its own.  Several items at the facility showed signs of need, both inside and outside.  On the interior of the preschool,  my fellow scouts and I painted the walls and trim in a class room and installed window blinds on six windows in the cafeteria.  On the exterior of the school, we  enlarged the playground, installed a railroad tie border around the playground, built a walkway from the building to the playground, and installed high impact mulch on the playground and walkway with child safe mulch.  My project required 240 man hours to complete at a cost of $1600.00.  The funding for my project was provided by generous donations from my friends and family.  I was able to generate around $2500 in donations to pay for my project which allowed me to make additional donations to the Second Mile Preschool.

Cory CorbettManna House is a local food kitchen that distributes packaged food items to the less fortunate of Huntsville.  Their facility provides a service for many people and has a high level of traffic that pass through their doors.  Their main distribution area had a floor that was in disrepair and was in need of rehab and a new floor.  My fellow scouts and I removed all of the existing tile in the area and used scrapers to remove the debris under the tile.  We then used a heavy duty industrial floor sander to smooth the concrete and prepare the surface for the new floor.  This procedure was labor intensive and took many hours of sander operation to prepare the floor.  The new floor installation was to be completed by a general contractor.  Total time to complete my project was 120 man hours. Cory Corbett

The Biology teachers at Hampton Cove Elementary School made our troop aware of a need to construct several raised gardens for the purpose of growing plants for science experiments.  I took on the planning and construction of this project with the guidance of the biology teachers.  I constructed four garden areas with borders using landscaping timbers to define and outline the gardens.  I used a combination of compost and potting soil to fill the gardens and prepare them for the students experiments for the next semester.  I also constructed four bird houses and installed them near the gardens.  My project required 140 man hours to complete and was assisted in the completion of my project with generous donations from friends, family, the HCES PTA, and Landers McClarty Chrysler.

Manna House is a local food kitchen that distributes packaged food items to the less fortunate of Huntsville. Their facility provides a service for many people. Prior to the distribution of food items, recipients must wait in a long line.  To ease their burden of waiting, I decided to construct 14 permanent benches to install outside the facility.  These benches were 2' x 8' and constructed of 4 x 4 and 2 x 4 pressure treated wood.   I constructed all these benches at my home and then transported them to the facility where we anchored them to the asphalt pavement with steel anchor rods.  I completed this project with the help of my fellow scouts and the donations of friends and family.  My project required a total of 215 man hours to complete.