Seth ChristopherTroop 343 prides itself on Eagle Projects that promote wildlife and nature conservation. To enhance and create more habitat for the blue bird population in the Hampton Cove area, I decided to construct and install 13 blue bird houses along with three heavy duty benches along the Flint River Greenway.  I constructed these bird houses and benches to specific requirements at my home.  I then transported these bird houses and benches to the greenway and installed them.  I mounted all 13 blue bird houses on 4 x 4 pressure treated poles a specified distance above the ground to provide protection from preditors.  My project required a total of 169 hours to complete.  My project was completed with the assistance of my fellow scouts and from generous donations of friends and family.

The Hampton Cove Homeowners Association said there was a need to construct benches along the Hampton Cove Greenway in order to provide walkers with a place to sit, rest, and reflect.  I decided to install four heavy duty eight foot benches at various locations along the greenway.  I used 4 x 4 and 2 x 6 pressure treated wood for construction of these benches for durability and protection against the elements.  I constructed these benches at my home and then transported them to the greenway for installation.  My project required a total of 160 man hours to complete.  "Thanks" to all the adults and fellow scouts who helped me complete my project.

Caleb CummingsCaleb CummingsThe Hampton Cove Homeowners Association imformed our troop of a requirement to install a pergola and benches with associated landscaping in a selected location in the Twelve Stones area of Hampton Cove.  My fellow scouts and I prepared the area for the installation of the pergola.  We constructed the pergola and two benches on site and installed it as directed.  After installation, we installed shrubbery and landscaping and scattered mulch.  My project required 130 hours of planning and labor to complete.  Funding for my project was provided by generous donations from friends, family, the Hampton Cove Garden, and Lowes Building Supply. 

The administration of Hampton Cove Middle School made our troop aware of the need for seating around the track as well as for the nurse’s office waiting area.  My project consisted of the construction of four heavy duty benches, two to be placed under a covered pavilion located adjacent to the track and two to be placed by the nurse’s office.  With help from several volunteers, I constructed these 8’ long benches at my home and made them from 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 4’s, 1 x 6’s, and other standard materials.  The outside benches were covered with weatherproof stain and the indoor benches were painted black. I also completed landscaping and installed pavers under an existing awning by the track, and this is where the outside benches were placed. One inside bench was placed in the hall by the nurse’s office and the other is inside the office. My project required 214 man hours of planning and labor to complete. I really appreciate all the help from my fellow scouts as well as the donations for my project from generous family and friends.

Burritt Museum on Monte Sano Mountain made our troop aware of a need to rehabilitate a picnic pavilion located on the museum grounds.  My Eagle Project involved the removal of the old, decayed roof with a new roof.  The roof trusses were also decayed and had to be replaced.  After removal of the old roof, my crew and I had to construct new roof trusses and install them.  We then installed wood decking on the trusses and installed a tin roof to protect the pavilion for many years.  I decided to use a tin roof for its long term durability against the elements.  My project required a total of 192 man hours of planning and labor to complete.  I could not have completed my project without the donations from fellow scouts, family, and friends and the dedicated labor of my fellow scouts and adults from Troop 343.

The Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville is a non-profit organization that provides meals and shelter for less fortunate families and individuals who are homeless.  There is an outdoor playground next to the mission that is in disrepair and in need of substantial maintenance and refurbishment.  My crew and I removed all rust from the swing set, primed and painted the steel, and remove and replaced the existing swings that were broken and unusable.  I also installed an area around the swing set that will enhance safety for those using the swing.  My project was completed in June of 2013 with the help of 22 of my friends and family and required a total of 145 man hours to complete.

I built six wooden benches (8 ft) that I installed around the Hampton Cove Middle School Football Field. We installed the benches around the track at various locations.  The benches were constructed with 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 pressure treated pine to insure durability against the elements.  My project required a total of 128 man hours to complete.  I completed the project with donations from friends and family and the work was completed with the assistance of my fellow scouts.