Manna House is a local food kitchen that distributes packaged food items to the less fortunate of Huntsville. Their facility provides a service for many people.  They have an excess of supplies scattered about the facility that require organization and cataloging.  The director of the Manna House made our troop aware of a need to assist the operation of the facility.  I created an organization system that catalogued and organized the Manna House food and supply inventory in order to allow quick location of those supplies.  My system also allowed the management to determine when certain supplies were in need of resupply.  I then organized and labeled supply bins and shelves to assist the facility's operation.  My project was completed during the summer in July of 2013 and required a total of 56 man hours.  I completed this project with donations and  assistance from family, friends and fellow scouts.

Sam  HowardHampton Cove Middle School recently constructed an outdoor learning center and greenhouse behind the school.  The new center was constructed a distance away from the paved road and needed a hard surface walkway to withstand the high traffic between the school and the greenhouse.  My friends, fellow scouts, and I excavated a walkway area 12' wide and 30' long.  We then created a smooth sand bed in the area and placed paving stones on top of the sand.  Once all the paving stones were in place we spread sand between the pavers in order to hold them in place.  Sam  HowardWe then planted various shrubbery along side the walkway to enhance the look of the area.  My project required a total of 182 man hours to complete.  " Thanks" to all my fellow scouts, fellow football players, and friends for assisting me in completion of my project.