Joe RivenburghTennessee Valley Family Services operates a Teen Shelter in Huntsville to provide for teens in difficult circumstances.  This shelter is an older home which is in need of some repair and renovation.  My crew of scouts pressure washed the carport and the front porch.  We prepared and painted the front porch and installed two bench swings.  We prepared and painted a gathering room and installed lockers for use by the residents.  We also were required to move the shelter sign, reinstall it, and install landscaping around the sign.  My project required a total of 204 man hours to plan and complete.  This project should enhance the living environment of those who use this shelter.  I received donations and materials from Lowes, Sherwin-Williams, The Greenery, the Asbury Thrift Store, and Mr. Farid Rafiee.

Jared GilliesJared GilliesThe Huntsville Land Trust had a need to expand their trails on Monte Sano and Green Mountain.  I chose to create a new trail on the Land Trust property.  This new trail is located near the Land Trust parking lot at the top of the mountain on Cecil Ashburn Road and is now called the Lowery Trail.  The new trail is a spur trail off of the Smoke Rise Trail and covers a distance of approximately 3/8 of a mile.  My project involved the clearing of the new trail, the installation of water bars on the trail to prevent erosion, and the installation of two permanent benches at the beginning and the end of this new trail.  This project was accomplished with help from my fellow scouts, donations from local businesses and friends, and took a total of 190 man hours to complete.

In keeping with his love of all sports, my Eagle Scout project consisted of renovating portions of the Madison County Middle School softball/baseball field; repairing and rebuilding the batters' boxes; rebuilding the pitcher's mound; re-skinning the infield with additional dirt; straightening and repainting the foul poles; and installing a mesh windscreen on the outfield fence. I raised $2,221.80 for the project and recruited 279 man-hours of volunteer labor for the project. I did not attend Madison County Middle School, but rather through various sporting events I became aware of the condition of the school's athletic facilities, and wanted to help the students have better facilities to encourage other student athletes to participate in sporting activities.  I completed my project with the assistance of my fellow scouts, adults, volunteers and the administration of Gurley Middle School.

Jackson KnightJackson KnightTroop 343 prides itself on Eagle Projects that promote wildlife and nature conservation.  To enhance and create more habitat for the wood duck population in the Hampton Cove area, I decided to construct and install 14 wood duck boxes in the Hays Nature Preserve and the Goldsmith-Schiffman Nature Area.  These boxes provide habitat for female wood ducks to build nests, nurture their ducklings, and provide protection for them from predators in the area.  I assembled the duck boxes and installed them on poles and then placed a protection guard on the pole to enhance the safety of the ducklings.  This project was accomplished with help from my fellow scouts, donations from local businesses and friends, and took a total of 183 man hours to completeJackson Knight.

The Civitan Club of Huntsville has a playground intended for use by special needs children in downtown Huntsville.  This playground has been in need of maintenance and equipment upgrade.  My project involved moving a swing set to a more appropriate location in the area, resetting the swing set, and creating an area around the playground to enhance the safety for the special needs children.  We also installed new swings and new hardware on the swing set and installed new landscaping around the playground.  My project required a great amount of manual labor which was accomplished by many scouts and adults who assisted my efforts.  This project required a total of 170 hours of planning and labor.  Hopefully this project will increase the enjoyment of all the children who are able to use it.

Hampton Cove Middle School has recently added an art exhibit and mural to the halls of the school.  There was a need to have a viewing area in front of this art for students to sit and reflect and to create a gathering area.  I designed four eight foot benches to be positioned in the area near the mural.  These benches are constructed of 2 x 6 inch pine stock and designed to seat a total of 20 students at a time.  I constructed these benches in my garage with donations from friends and family and with the help of my fellow scouts.  A total of 207 hours were needed to cut, assemble, and finish these benches.  The addition of these will greatly add to the atmosphere of HCMS and the viewing of this beautiful mural.

Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School is a new school that was recently opened in our neighborhood.  As with any new facility it was lacking in some areas.  One area that needed additions was a room designed to assist those students with special needs.  To increase a special needs student's sensory skills, I decided to create a sensory room with special equipment and items that would challenge their skills and increase their ability to learn.  The room selected is a 8 x 17 foot room that I equipped with various items to increase their ability to learn and to enhance their motor and visual skills.  My Eagle Project required a total of 145 hours to complete.  This project really meant a lot to me and I know it will increase the quality of education for any student at GSES who uses this new facility.