For you newer families and those of you who may have forgotten, Troop 343 has scouts and adults with deadly peanut allergies. These are deadly enough in civilization when we are close to hospitals, but they are even more deadly out in the woods where help is not close by.

Troop 343 has to have a policy of "no peanut products" on outings. This includes a policy of "no peanut products" during any Troop event when we come together with food (such as Court of Honor receptions). This has to go beyond just direct peanut products. We need to try to avoid products processed in the same plants or on the same equipment as peanut products. We know this can be difficult from long experience but it can be done if you watch the product labels.

In the past we were more vigilant in disseminating this information with every outing before food was purchased. But we have grown lax and are starting to see peanuts, peanut butter, peanut products and foods processed in the same plant or on the same equipment with peanut products on our outings. Please be aware that peanut oils left on our clothing, hands, face, and/or equipment (tents, cooking gear, food storage items) can cause problems we have to avoid—and which may not be solvable no matter how close we are to civilization.

Throughout Troop 343's history, we've always faced the possibility of losing a scout or adult due to peanut allergies because we have always had scouts and adults with peanut allergies. We have not lost one yet but that is because of our constant vigilance and work. When the scouts are buying food and when you as a parent or an adult leader are buying food for or with the scouts or for the adults, please watch the ingredients and where the food was produced. It takes effort but it is quite literally a matter of life or death.

Thank you!