For every 100 boys who join Scouting, records indicate that:
RARELY will one be brought before the juvenile court system
2 will become Eagle Scouts
17 will become future Scout volunteers
12 will have their first contact with a church
1 will enter the clergy
5 will earn their church award
18 will develop a hobby that will last through their adult life
8 will enter a vocation that was learned through the merit badge system
1 will use his Scouting skills to save his own life
1 will use his Scouting skills to save the life of another person

Scoutmaster Minute from August 17, 2009

Ten Commandments of Human Relations.

1. Speak to people - there is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.

2. Smile at people - it takes sixty-five muscles to frown, only fifteen to smile.

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Dressed in a blazer and gray slacks, Eagle Scout Rex Tillerson — better known as the CEO of Exxon Mobil — approached the podium during a national meeting of the Boy Scouts of America at a Grapevine hotel last year.

The organization’s delegates had just voted to allow openly gay youths to join their troops and earn their merit badges. And Tillerson began laying out next steps in the same forthright tone with which he delivers financial results to shareholders.

“So we’ve made the decision we’re going to change. Now what?” he said. “No winners or losers. After we make the decision to change, it’s the mission.”


The BSA asks its members to affirm a belief in God.That doesn’t mean the Boy Scouts of America tells its members which religion to practice.It doesn’t mean Scouts and Scouters must attend their faith’s worship services every week; a Scout could practice his faith privately at home, for example. Here’s what it does mean.


While BSA celebrated 100 years of Eagle Scouts, 2012 became the largest Eagle class ever in BSA history. 57,976 new Eagle Scouts in the US last year. Read more about it!

2012 was also Troop 343's largest ever Eagle Class with 12 new Eagles. (About 0.02% of the nation's Eagles.)